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Who We Do Work With

We primarily cater to small businesses with an annual gross income starting at $300,000 and up to $5M, business owners who are tired of doing everything themselves and want to rely on professionals to handle the tax and accounting matters. Though we accommodate requests beyond these criteria, our services prove most beneficial for those with such financial standing.

We love accounting. We live and breathe small businesses and enjoy dealing with the IRS, WA Department of Revenue, and other tax authorities. We are passionate about accounting and spending hours doing tax research and reading tax codes and legal cases.

Our client understands and appreciates the substantial value a CPA brings to their financial management. This client focuses primarily on business growth, confidently delegating accounting and tax responsibilities to professionals. They recognize that their time is best invested in their area of expertise - building and expanding their business.

Rather than getting entangled in the complexities of accounting, they believe in leveraging the skills of experts to maintain impeccable accounting records. This approach grants them stress-free tax filing periods, regularly updated financial statements, and the assurance that help is merely a phone call away.

Even in the face of IRS audits, our client sleeps soundly, secure in the knowledge that their financial records are in excellent order. They value their time immensely, preferring to invest it in enriching relationships with family and loved ones, or indulging in their cherished hobbies. By entrusting us with their financial management, they achieve peace of mind, enhanced productivity, and a balanced lifestyle.

Our clients could be doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, contractors, plumbers, small restaurant owners, HVAC repair companies, car repair shops, landscapers, architects, engineers, etc.  – in other words, both “blue collar” and “white collar” audiences.

Contractors & Construction

Repair Shops








Clients who prefer a do-it-yourself approach to every aspect of their business, including accounting, payroll, and tax, thereby diverting their focus from their primary role as business owners.

Illicit Activities

Business owners who engage in activities contrary to ethical and legal guidelines, such as tax evasion.

Low Quality Priority

Clients seeking the lowest cost services above all else, as we prioritize quality and comprehensive solutions over competitive pricing alone.

Poor Value

Clients who may not yet appreciate the value and strategic advantage a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) brings to their financial management.

Short-Term Relationship

Clients with a tendency to frequently switch accountants, as we value building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual understanding.

Poor Record Keeping

Clients who may struggle with maintaining comprehensive and organized financial records, as effective collaboration requires good record-keeping practices.

Who We Don't Work With

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