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Diana Akhmerova

Diana Akhmerova, CPA, is the experienced and dedicated force behind Seattle Accountants Professional Corporation, a boutique accounting firm specializing in unique financial solutions for ambitious small business owners. An accomplished businesswoman, single mother, immigrant, and self-made millionaire, Diana's diverse personal and professional experiences equip her with a unique understanding of her clients' needs.

Born and raised in the Soviet Union, Diana’s American journey has spanned over two decades across various states and ignited her passion for accounting during her studies at the University of Oregon. Diana’s professional journey has taken her through leading accounting firms such as PwC, EY, and BDO in San Diego, and later Clark Nuber in Seattle, where she specialized in audit services. Later, she embraced a new role as the Controller of WISErg, a Seattle-area startup that has pioneered upcycling nutrients from recovered food for use in fertilizer and nutrient efficiency products that enhance plant and soil health.  Diana took charge of WISErg’s financial health and set the foundation for its success. Diana’s international expertise was honed as she managed the company's subsidiary in Mexico, navigating tax complexities and building teams in multiple languages.


Diana expanded her skill set in HR operations during her tenure as the Vice President of Finance and Human Resources at Digital Fortress, a fast-growing multitenant and wholesale data center provider offering colocation, network, and cloud access services to large and mid-size enterprises.

Motivated by the COVID pandemic's impact, Diana launched her own CPA firm, focusing on empowering others to achieve their financial dreams. She served as the CFO for a prominent hedge fund manager's family office in Honolulu, Hawaii, reaffirming her commitment to client-focused solutions. Her return to Seattle marked a steadfast dedication to local business support.

Over a decade of disciplined financial management has shaped Diana into a savvy investor and amplified her wealth, enhancing her understanding of high-income and high-net-worth individuals' unique accounting and tax needs. She has supplemented her expertise with a master's in US Taxation and is currently enrolled in a JD program.

Diana and her team, at Seattle Accountants Professional Corporation, offer comprehensive, reliable, and bespoke services, ranging from accounting, tax, and payroll, to CFO services. While they may not be the most economical, they assure exceptional quality underpinned by substantial experience. With a commitment to long-lasting partnerships and first-rate service, they understand and navigate your financial journey as only those who have walked similar paths can.

Ready to Simplify Your Accounting?

Look no further than Seattle Accountants Professional Corporation. We're experts in providing comprehensive accounting, payroll, tax, business advisory, and CFO services, all tailored to ambitious small business owners like you. As a boutique CPA firm, we understand your unique challenges and specialize in serving small businesses. With our all-in-one, world-class solutions, we become your dedicated Accounting and Finance department led by a seasoned CFO. Our team is committed to delivering excellence, helping you achieve business success, and saving you the expenses of a full-time team. Take charge of your financial future and partner with Seattle Accountants Professional Corporation today. Together, we'll pave the way for your business growth and prosperity.

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